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Green fodder - Barley

What is it
Production Systems
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Forragem verde em rolo.
Green fodder roll .
Carpet of green forage barley
Carpet of barley green fodder
Forage on board
Green fodder ready to serve

What is it

Green fodder is a natural food for herbivorous animals, such as horses, cattle, sheep, goats ,rabbits and pigs, it is also an excellent food for use in educational farms and small zoos .

The green fodder are small plants  cultivate for 8 to  15 days with no substrate or soil. When the seeds germinate their roots intertwine forming a green carpet . The barley plant was chosen because it has a great nutritional value and  a good performance in this system. This system can also be used to germinate other plants such as maize, wheat, sunflower or linseed, alone or in combination.

When should you opt for this type of food

Green fodder are fresh living plants similar to the ones present in a pasture. You should consider this food when animals do not have access to open field or when the quality of the pasture is very irregular or poor due to weather conditions.


This system provides a constant and reliable food throughout the year regardless the weather conditions .

Green fodder is a nutritious and highly palatable food that can be given both  to ruminant and monogastric animals .

Green fodder is a natural food produce with no pesticides or herbicides, if you integrate it with in an aquaponics system you should be able to avoid chemical fertilizer and  so it should be adaptable to organic production.

The use of green fodder in an aquaponics or hydroponic system allows the increase of production and the ability to withstand dry times ..

Production Systems

There are several production systems. The simplest is a system that controls only the seed type and the amount of water, in more complex systems  we tend to control all variables such as the temperature, humidity, light and even the quality of air.

What we do

– Assess the needs of your production system ;

– Assist in the installation of a system of hydroponic green fodder production ;

– Make regular monitoring of the production of green fodder .

For more information contact verdecaldas ( @ )


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